Christmas Parade

Old Town Orcutt

Parade Information.

Please share it with your group.

Naughty List:

  • There is only one Santa Claus in the Parade. No other live Santa is allowed.
  • No flyers are allowed. Any group distributing flyers will be banned from the Parade and fined $500 for cleanup.
  • No candy canes or starlight mints are allowed. These candies leave a big mess when they are crushed into the street.
  • People dropping off participants will not be allowed to drive into the staging area.
  • No vehicles may enter the staging area from the Parade's starting point at Broadway and Pinal. People walking to their entry may enter from this location.
  • The Parade ends at Dyer and Clark. Please keep your group together and return to the Rice Ranch Road staging area before you stop. Please don't stop on Dyer and block the rest of the Parade behind you. Have parents meet kids back on Rice Ranch Road.
  • Always follow the directions of Parade staff. Anyone who does not will be banned from future parades.
  • All streets will be blocked until the end of the Parade. If you finish early, you can drive out of the area via Rice Ranch Road.
  • Don't leave a mess at the staging area. Take your trash with you.
  • Avoid any actions that could spook equestrian entries. Please don't touch or approach any animal without the owner's permission.
  • All animal entries must provide their pooper-scooper.
  • If you have parents walking with your group, they need to follow all parade instructions and act/dress appropriately for a family-friendly event.

Nice List:

  • The Parade Awards will be distributed on Wednesday, Dec 13th. 7 pm at the Orcutt Lions Club.
  • This year, 1st and 2nd place will both receive trophies!
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday, December 10. The winners will be posted on our website and our Facebook Page. We will send out an email to everyone.

Parade Day:

  • The Parade starts promptly at Noon and is held weather permitting.
  • The Parade's staging begins at 10 AM and closes at 11:30 AM.
  • The Registration booth is located on Rice Ranch Road just west of the intersection at Dyer St. Entrants are to approach from the east using Rice Ranch Road from the direction of Orcutt Road. (see map below)
  • A representative from your group must check in at the booth to pick up entrant materials and final instructions. Everyone else in your group can go directly to your staging area. Be sure your group knows your entry number so they can go directly to your spot. The Lineup will be sent out by 12/4/23. It will also be posted here and on our Facebook page.
  • You will receive an Entry Number Placard. This Placard must be placed/displayed where instructed.
  • After you get your parade materials, please go directly to your designated staging area. Position yourselves directly against the curb/side of the road. Leave the center lane of the staging area open for traffic and emergency personnel!
  • Please don't crowd the slot ahead of you; it must remain open until that entrant has had an opportunity to stage.
  • Street control staff will direct you to the parking for parade entrants for vehicles other than those used in the Parade. Parking is minimal, so we recommend carpooling where possible.
  • Children 5 and under must be in a stroller, cart, wagon, etc., and accompanied by an adult.