Parade awards will be given on Weds, Jan 18 at 7pm at the Orcutt Lions Club. Refreshments will be served.

The staging of Parade begins at 10:30 AM and closes at 11:30 AM.

The Parade starts promptly at Noon and is a Rain or Shine event.

The Registration booth is located on Rice Ranch Road just west of the intersection at Dyer St. Entrants are to approach from the north by using Dyer St., or from the east using Rice Ranch Road from the direction of Orcutt Road.

A representative from your group must check in at the booth to pick up entrant materials and final instructions.

You will receive an Entry Number Placard. This Placard must be placed/displayed where instructed. Entrants not following instructions as to placard placement will forfeit judging of their entry!

The parade is staged and routed in a clock-wise direction. Everyone must enter the staging area from the East. Please pass this information to all of your participants.
No vehicles may enter the staging area from the starting point of parade (Broadway and Pinal)

Street control staff will direct you to parking for parade entrants for vehicles other than those that will be used in the parade.

After receiving your parade materials, please go directly to your designated staging area. Position yourselves directly against the curb/side of road.
You must leave the center lane of staging area open for traffic and emergency personnel!

Do not crowd the entrant slot ahead of you, it must remain open until that entrant has had an opportunity to stage. Only after slots are filled ahead of you, should you close/tighten up any space remaining.

Always follow the directions of Parade staff!

You may toss candy into the crowd as long as you do not slow down the parade flow.

Flyers are not allowed. Any group distributing flyers will be banned from the parade and fined $500 for cleanup.

Children 5 and under must be in a stroller, cart, wagon, etc. Small children walking cannot keep up with the progress of the parade.

Avoid any actions that could spook equestrian entries.

All animal entries must provide their own pooper-scooper.

There is to be only one Santa Claus in the Parade.  No other live Santa’s are allowed.

Ongoing with the Parade is a food drive benefitting the FoodBank of Santa Barbara County. We are encouraging all entrants to  make a cash contribution at Registration; a dollar goes a long way at the FoodBank, meaning they are able to purchase up to $8.00 worth of food with your contribution!

55th Annual Parade- Saturday, December 10, 2016

high noon- Rain or shine

Our American Legion Color Guard leads off the Parade proudly displaying our  National and State Flags.

Many local families and groups walk our parade route. 

The Old Town Orcutt Christmas Parade has been a holiday favorite since 1961.  Started by the volunteer fire department, the parade remains a small town afternoon event.  You'll see kids, dogs, floats, animals, cars, bands and our special guest Santa.  Join us on the second Saturday of December at high noon as we celebrate Christmas the Old Town Orcutt way.

Christmas Parade

Old Town Orcutt

The local Jr High & Senior high bands are always a crowd favorite.